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Filippo Di Nardo Leccese

This superior quality product, fruit of our Passion for Boxing, was born in the countryside of Turin, Italy, a place where Man and Art still know the Harmonious Rhythms of Time.

When you buy a glove and / or a product signed by Di Nardo, you are not buying a trivial industrial product. You buy hours and hours of work, concentration, sacrifice and sweat.

You buy months of frustration caused by the meticulous attention to detail during the production process, you buy moments of pure joy when from an agglomeration of raw materials spread out on a workbench, thanks to my precious hands, and as if by magic, everything takes shape, and in the end you see your work of art realized.

You customer, you are not buying an object, but a piece of my heart, of my soul, hours and hours of my life, my time, yes, the time I dedicate to do what is my passion for your pleasure.

Filippo Leccese Di Nardo, as a master craftsman, was born in 1978 in Turin in a family of Italian tailors specializing in haute couture and leather goods, who have handed down this art from generation to generation.

In 2006, after years of experience in the family tailoring, he decided to devote himself to the creation of the first gloves entirely handmade in Italy, with the aim of giving to the Boxing sector, the best, most beautiful, most performing, Most desired and long lasting glove in the world.

The World’s best glove maker

Di Nardo (derived from the medieval Germanic name meaning “force, audacity”) boxing equipment has heritage and prestige stitched into it. Lovingly created by Italian artisan Filippo Di Nardo Leccese in a small workshop in Turin, all Di Nardo gloves and accessories are premium, hand crafted works of art.


Innovation is central to Di Nardo’s work and being a smaller artisan company allows for a greater level of customer satisfaction. Expert knowledge can be absorbed by any boxer who approaches Di Nardo to make a purchase, whilst personal design choices can be made too.


Di Nardo has not only studied the art of boxing, he was a pugilist for many years himself. The gloves he so caringly nurtures are made to the highest specification, backed up by the inside knowledge of his sport and lifelong passion. There is a great sense of character that is sewn into every thread of Di Nardo’s work, making his products truly unique.

Approved & Certified

Equum I, Equum II & Tutela are certified by:
Nevada Athletics Commission
New York State Athletic Commission
WBC (World Boxing Council)
BBBOFC (UK commission)

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Di Nardo is not only gloves, but also sportswear.

Thanks to the help of some British investors, who believed in the great ideas, skills and art of the master craftsman Di Nardo, in 2019, the project for a sportswear line was born, and in 2020, it finally becomes reality .

Today, simply by connecting to the website:, anyone can buy any item of this excellent clothing line in total safety and comfort.