Di Nardo welcomes you in the private section dedicated to the Pro Boxers and Pro Trainers.

Before you can make any order and / or request, you will need to buy the Di Nardo Pro Family Card.

CARD COST: EURO 35.00 (Only once)

This card will give you access to a reserved discounts of -80% on selling prices visible on the site.

You can then buy any product forming part of the equipment: fighting gloves, training gloves, bag gloves, head guard, groin guard, shoes, focus mitts, shield etc…

You will not be able to take advantage of this discount for bags, accessories and clothing.

This concession (reserved discount – 80%) is subordinate to advertising delivery service, on its own social channels.

If the agreements are not respected, the concession will cease with immediate effect.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer.