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The beauty of having a craftsman create your dream set of boxing gloves in a small workshop in the middle of Turin, is that you can design something amazing. Filippo Di Nardo has previously custom built gloves for amateurs and professional fighters alike with great care and passion. You too can obtain this superior purchasing experience simply by completing a contact form detailing your exact specifications.

Once you have provided your measurements and selected the colors you want for your professional gloves, the request will be reviewed and a mock-up of the design provided for you to view. You can at this stage ask for tweaks to be made and Di Nardo can then work his magic and set about work in producing another work of art.

Metallic leather

The metallized leather undergoes a very special tanning procedure, compared to pastel colors.

The leather is tanned according to the standard processing procedures, after this phase it is sanded, then sprayed with a high-performance crosslinked resin, and finally passing under the rollers, where it is applied over the previously prepared leather, a laminate film, which will give the leather the metallic effect of various colors, such as gold, silver, bronze, etc.

It is good to understand, that this metallic effect being something external to the leather, compared to normal colors, which are completely absorbed by the leather itself. Becoming one thing, has a limited duration, as it tends to wear out over time.

For this reason, Di Nardo suggests using the metallic colors on the back of the glove, as this part is not stressed as much as the front part of the glove is, the impact side.

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What options are available to me?

No two pairs of Di Nardo gloves are ever the same, so to be part of this exclusive club, you can choose everything about your boxing equipment from the weight, to the colour leathers used on your glove. You have control over it all, from the outer glove to the thumb, just request exactly your vision of your perfect finished glove.
Not only this you can choose the padding of the glove to suit your style, whilst all Di Nardo gloves fall in line with the relevant boxing professional standard rulings. You can also have written on your gloves any message you wish.

Production times

Di Nardo is a small artisan company, which produces everything by hand and in the old school way. For this reason we are equipped for small and medium quantities, and the delivery time of one of our products is not fixed from a minimum of 60 days to a maximum of 180 working days.

For special occasions such as birthdays and official fights, the waiting list is obviously much shorter, and the delivery dates decided by the customer at the time of the order will be respected.

In Italy we have a very important saying, which suggests the philosophy of our product:

“Good wine ages in small cask”

Be patient and you will receive a piece of art!

How do I purchase my custom professional gloves?

  1. You can contact Di Nardo with your request via the contact form.
  2. A form is then supplied so you can specify; the type of glove you want, the weight, the closing, the color, the padding and any custom message you wish to add to the design
  3. The gloves will be produced by hand using the finest Italian leather, Di Nardo and his handmade tools.

Re-padding Service

The padding replacement service is free with the purchase of a pair of gloves.

The customer can then request the replacement of the padding, when this has lost its protective effectiveness due to the wear of the glove itself, the first replacement will be completely free, only the shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

From the second replacement onwards, this procedure will cost EURO 150.00 plus shipping costs.

No size, just weight.

A common question is what size glove will I need. If you are to purchase from Di Nardo there is no size required as all gloves will fit. You may request a certain weight and this can be accommodated but Di Nardo gloves come in one size that will fit all. If placing an order for training gloves, there is a choice of Velcro and lacing closures, but all professional fight gloves are lace closed.

For the most demanding customers, DI Nardo offers the service: “Made to measure” so you can create a glove based on the size of your hands.


You can create your Di Nardo professional gloves in the knowledge safety has been considered in all designs. The reality of boxing is considered in every pair so you can box with confidence your hands, trainer and opponent will be protected.


Di Nardo products are fully guaranteed, you can buy, in addition to the standard warranty, the “Di Nardo care” package which will give you access to countless advantages:

* In the event of breakage of the product in the first two weeks of use, Di Nardo will replace the product with a newly manufactured product, only the shipping cost will be charged to the customer, if he resides outside of Italy.

* In the event of problems occurring within the first year of use, Di Nardo will intervene on the product by repairing it, the customer will only have to pay the shipping costs, whether he is resident in Italy and / or resident outside Italy.

* The standard warranty provides a generic assistance service, where in the event of problems after a long period of use, obviously the product will be repaired, subject to acceptance of repair costs, plus shipping costs.

* The Di Nardo Care has a cost of EURO 350.00, this warranty can be requested at the time of purchase, or you can make the request of Di Nardo Care before the shipment of the product.

Our goal and the satisfaction of our customers.

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