Second line Low Cost, Ready for delivery.

The target of the Worldwide line is Young People & Adults from all over the world without special needs eager to have the Di Nardo experience.

This line is produced with good care and attention to detail using end-of-line warehouse batches of mixed bovine leather, often coming from the production inventories of the great Italian brands which also belong to the Made in Italy luxury sector.

Designed and created by the iconic Master Craftsman Filippo Leccese Di Nardo, this glove is an excellent product at an affordable price dedicated to lovers of true made in
Italy who want, without having to spend too much, a handmade product.

Note: The Images of the products in question, and their color combinations, are only indicative of the model of the gloves in the Lace or Velcro version. The Gloves are assembled randomly, and the color combination cannot be chosen by the customer, this line cannot be customized in any way, there is no logo on the gloves and the customer can only choose the size and closure method.


Second line

  • Randomly made with mixed color leathers
  • Free basic backpack bag.
    Not Customizable
    Ready for delivery

USD 540.00 +/-
GBP 430.00 +/-

Shipping costs must be added to all prices

Black and brown gloves
Black and purple gloves
pastel blue gloves

Training Gloves

10/12/14/16/18 – oz
closure method

training padding – 100% handmade

Di Nardo Worldwide:

Protective padding, specially made for this product line. Ideal for punching bag training, pad work and sparring sessions.