“Di Nardo Atelier was born from the need to be able to provide a Superior Quality product, accompanied by the possibility of giving free rein to one’s imagination, ranging from countless options of leathers, colors, padding and luxury services for the most demanding customers”



First line of the Di Nardo brand

Luxury line

Customized and created at customer request


Young/ Adults among the most demanding in the world


Meticulous care of the details, uses only first choice raw materials


2 Cost options
High and Medium High

1st Option for the most demanding customers: All included, obviously custom-made gloves of your choice, any Matt, Metallic or Logoed colour, exotic leathers excluded, this includes the free storage bag, the Jacquard backpack bag, Lether Balm for the care of the glove, free shipping.

2nd Option for those who only need the glove: Obviously customized gloves of your choice, any Opaque color, Excluding Metallic colors, Logos and Exotic leathers, No carrying case, No Leather Balm, a free Jacquard backpack bag, free shipping costs.

Designer and manufacturer:

Designed and created by iconic Master Craftsman Filippo Di Nardo himself


Full grain leathers, strictly from Italian calves

Superior quality thread in mixed kevlar polyester, semi-stretch anti-tear in Gold color

Inner lining 100% Di Nardo polyester resin, tear-resistant, polyamide lining in silver threads

Timing & Delivery:

From a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 180 working days of production
For birthdays and/or special events, delivery times can be discussed privately between the buyer and craftsman
Requests for delivery in 30/60 days are subject to an increase of +15% on the sale price

What do I get:

You will receive your glove inside a luxury bag and a backpack bag produced on a Jacquard loom, with a magnificent certificate of originality of the product laser engraved on a sheet of wood, and a jar of Leather Balm for the care of the leather.

This precious backpack made in Italy by Italian master weavers with the help of an ancient Jacquard loom, is the result of the passion for our work and years of research in order to provide our most demanding customers, even in what is only the outline of our product, a superior quality accessory.

The Jacquard loom “Invented by the French Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1801” is a type of weaving loom that has the ability to perform complex designs. It is a normal loom to which a machine has been added that allows the automatic handling of the individual warp threads. Probably the most important invention in the field of the textile industry, it allows to produce fabrics, even very complex ones, with the work of a single weaver. For being the first application to use a punch card, it is considered the ancestor of the computer, a revolutionary thing, nowadays one could even say “An idea born from the mind of Steve Jobs or Henry Ford” for be clear

In reality, the first prototype of the loom, fully functional and operational, was made by an Italian weaver from Catanzaro in the second half of the fifteenth century, known as Jean Le Calabrais, Giovanni il Calabrese, who invested in the textile industry in France.

Subsequently, the French Joseph Marie Jacquard studied Giovanni il Calabrese’s loom and perfected it, finding a way to further improve the realization of the woven fabrics. He then managed to patent the textile machine that took the name from him: “Jacquard loom”


The fist is a powerful object when used correctly and allowed to clench perfectly. We have evolved as humans to create opposition using our thumbs which distinguishes us from our primate ancestors. Opposition creates a powerful thenar eminence muscle at the base of the thumb. The normal design of boxing gloves has always fought against this muscle causing discomfort at times. Why have manufacturers really thought about the anatomical movements of the hand? No glove has ever accommodate this muscular strength until now. Di Nardo, with the help of a physiotherapist friend, has created an exclusive design to allow the fighter to make the perfect fist. Superior tailoring allows the hand to not be restricted and create a more powerful force with the new “EMINENCE” range.

1° Price All Included

1. EURO € 2000,00

2. USD $ 2050,00 +/-

3. GBP £ 1760,00 +/-

Shipping free worldwide

2° Price Only Gloves

1. EURO € 1250,00

2. USD $ 1355,00 +/-

3. GBP £ 1098,00 +/-

Shipping free worldwide


For more info contact via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or Skype at: +39 3930012778


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Filippo Di Nardo
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by mark
how do i purchase?

where on the site do i purchase? Thanks

 by shao

i wanna buy

 by Louis Lee
great glove

Definitely worth the wait, great glove, i may order another training glove in the furture. thanks!

 by Nelly

Mr. Leccese you are a true professional. High performing and very comfortable gloves! And the options for customization and personal touch just puts your service over the top. I hope we can count on you for gloves for many years to come! My sincerest respect to you for your fine work.
For the shopper who is concerned by the price of these gloves, you will not be disappointed. And the re-padding service makes this a long term investment worth every penny.

 by Kristy Jahn
Stunning products!!

I’m a 40 yr old lady who just LOVES boxing and LOVES art & quality, beautiful things. I came across Dinardo a couple years ago and fell in love. I have custom Dinardo shoes & gloves. Do not for one second question a purchase like this. This is money so well spent, I’d do it over 10x. Mr Filippo is such a gentleman and easy to work with. His creations are truly works of art. Thank you Mr Filippo, you truly are the greatest glove maker in the world!!!