BHGG (Boxing Hand-Grenade Gloves) is an innovative glove, which, in addition to the aesthetic beauty of our products, contains the result of studies and a continuous search for the best raw materials on the world market. He is the result of the Visionary mind of the best Master craftsman of this era, Di Nardo and a Joint Venture with a brilliant emerging English company which created a simple object but with exceptional characteristics the BHG (Boxing Hand-Grenade). More power, more speed, more balance and more hands protection, are the great peculiarities of this new glove that will exponentially improve your performance during boxing training. The BHG was born as an accessory for separate use, The revolution of this glove lies in the introduction of BHG inside the glove in the Grip bar of it. Once you try it you will never go back to normal gloves.


  1. EURO € 1450,00
  2. USD $ 1745,00 +/-
  3. GBP £ 1255,00 +/-
  • Insured express shipping worldwide FedEx / TNT


  • 10.OZ
  • 12. OZ
  • 14. OZ
  • 16. OZ
  • 18. OZ
  • 20. OZ

Closure Method

  1. Laces
  2. Velcro
  3. Hybrid (Laces & Velcro)

Padding – 100% HandMade

  1. CAESTUS: Semi-rigid, composed purely of horsehair and foam, ideal for punchers boxer
  2. TUTELA: Semi soft and very protective, composed purely of microfiber flakes, ideal for those looking for protection
  3. TUTELA EVO: Soft and very protective, composed purely of foam and microfiber bow

Accessories Included

  • FREE: Glove bag in fine fabric and leather details
  • FREE: Backpack bag in precious logoed fabric
  • FREE: Leather care balm

Services Included

  • FREE: First padding replacement
  • FREE: Choice of full-grain metallic calfskin colors (They do not fade)
  • FREE: Choice of full-grain matte calfskin colors
  • FREE: Choice of full-grain logoed calfskin colors

Graphics Draft Service

  1. FREE: Only 1 graphic draft of one or more purchased products, upon payment and confirmation of the order.
  2. FOR A FEE: If the order request is not confirmed and paid, the graphic draft service will be subject to the cost of EURO 10.00 per graphic draft.

Optional Services

  1. StingRay leather wrist: + EURO € 175,00
  2. Wrist and thumb, in Shark leather: + EURO € 190,00
  3. Thumb only and / or wrist only, in Shark leather: + EURO € 95,00
  4. Velcro band in Shark leather: + EURO € 200,00
  5. Feretrum Bag gloves case: + EURO € 700,00 (Only if purchased with gloves)

Production Time Service

  1. Standard: From a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 180 working days of
    production and waiting to receive the purchased product
  2. Priority 30: Minimum 30 working days of production and waiting to receive the
    purchased product, subject to a 20% increase on the cost of the product
  3. Priority 60: Minimum 60 working days of production and waiting to receive the
    purchased product, subject to a increase of 15% on the cost of the product

Di Nardo Care Customer Service

Di Nardo Care, is the best customer service available in the boxing equipment industry. By purchasing any product from our range, you will be 100% protected.

Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers, not just the sale of the product, Di Nardo does not abandon his customers after the purchase.

In case of any inconvenience in the first 6 months of use of any of our purchased products, should you encounter structural problems, breakages or other, the repair will be completely free.

The customer will only have to pay the outbound and return shipping costs.

Di Nardo Family Card

To be able to purchase any of the products in our range, it is mandatory to be a “MEMBER” of the Di Nardo Family.

You will become part of an exclusive club made up of people who, like you, appreciate luxury and beauty.

To become a member you will need to purchase the prestigious Di Nardo family card, which will give you access, after the first purchase, to a 10% discount on all your future orders, except VEGAN gloves and Sparring Kit.

Card Cost

  • EURO 35.00 (Only once)

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