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 by mark on Filippo Di Nardo
how do i purchase?

where on the site do i purchase? Thanks

 by shao on Filippo Di Nardo

i wanna buy

 by Louis Lee on Filippo Di Nardo
great glove

Definitely worth the wait, great glove, i may order another training glove in the furture. thanks!

 by Nelly on Filippo Di Nardo

Mr. Leccese you are a true professional. High performing and very comfortable gloves! And the options for customization and personal touch just puts your service over the top. I hope we can count on you for gloves for many years to come! My sincerest respect to you for your fine work.
For the shopper who is concerned by the price of these gloves, you will not be disappointed. And the re-padding service makes this a long term investment worth every penny.

 by Kristy Jahn on Filippo Di Nardo
Stunning products!!

I’m a 40 yr old lady who just LOVES boxing and LOVES art & quality, beautiful things. I came across Dinardo a couple years ago and fell in love. I have custom Dinardo shoes & gloves. Do not for one second question a purchase like this. This is money so well spent, I’d do it over 10x. Mr Filippo is such a gentleman and easy to work with. His creations are truly works of art. Thank you Mr Filippo, you truly are the greatest glove maker in the world!!!