Shark gloves:
The thumb of these gloves are made of full grain shark skin
Unique product of its kind, with a distinctive symbol of Italian excellence


Euro 1500.00

Available in 08,10,12,14,16,18,20.oz
  • Laces closure
  • Velcro closure
  • Hybrid laces and velcro (fixed or removable)

Available in two different TUTELA & CAESTUS padding

  • TUTELA: soft, compact and very protective padding
  • CAESTUS: semi-rigid padding

All Di Nardo gloves come with:

  • FREE shipping to all destinations
  • Kevlar thread stitching
  • Option to customize. Choose a color and add personalization
  • Di Nardo leather carry bay
  • Complementary padding replacement service
  • Full customer support and assistance
  • 100% handmade in Italy
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Filippo Di Nardo
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byBarri onFilippo Di Nardo
Training Gloves with removable Shark leather Velcro

Best leather, Best quality, Best craftsmanship, Best customer service, and a very unique gloves, this is just part of what these gloves feels like.

I had mine in 16 oz, Caestus padding, and laced up with removable shark leather Velcro:

For the padding:
it has a unique feel to it, it's more like a big fighting gloves padding (compact, rigid, and protective). What I like about this padding is that gives a punching feedback, it's like if you were punching directly with your hands, but with the protection of a training gloves !
Simply, I loved the padding, It's perfect for bag and pad work, but not for sparring, because like I said before, it's like a big fighting gloves, it would cause damage in hard sparring

Laces with removable Velcro:
this is a very unique option, you have the best of both worlds, the easiness of the Velcro, with the snug fit of the laced up. The shark leather, although expensive, gives a very very unique look to the gloves, it has a natural shine the won't go with time.

Overall, I Thank Mr. Filippo for this amazing peace of art, I loved everything about them, not a single negative feedback

Looking forward to try your boxing shoes soon.