Due to some scams suffered, in order to purchase gloves or any other product from our lines, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:
Have a real Instagram account and possibly with a profile picture
Have a phone number connected to an active Whatsapp or Telegram account

In case of lack of these requirements, it will be necessary to provide a copy of an identity document

  1. Anyone who buys any Di Nardo product, decides to buy a piece of personal art
  1. Acceptance of the graphic draft of the product chosen, production will begin
  1. The product will be created handcrafted and customized as requested by the customer
  1. Any customized product by choice of colors, leathers etc … and created on the express request of the customer, is not subject to any refund
  1. The colors must be chosen by referring exclusively from the leather folder supplied together with the customization module at the time of the order request
  1. The digital colors of the graphic draft do not reflect the real colors of the leather, the graphic draft simply has the ultimate end, to provide the customer with an approximate idea on the composing of the chosen colors
  1. The tanning of the leather is not a perfect science, from tanning, to tanning, the colors, although always using the same color pantone, the colors can vary, so for example, a red leather, could be clearer and / or Darker than the same colored color previously, obviously this effect, it is imperceptible to the eye of the customer, it can only be noticed by those who carry out the skin tanning process.
  1. At the end of production, before shipment, an email will be sent and / or message contains some images of the product purchased, and a request to confirm the shipping address
  1. In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the final result of the product purchased, this may be redone without any problem, but cannot be reimbursed
  1. The customer service guarantees any free repair, in the event that in the first 6 months of use, the customer found skin break problems, breaking of the stitching points and / or interior lining break , of the product purchased.
  1. In the event that the customer should find problems with the padding he chosen, at the time of compiling the customization module, any intervention will be subject to payment, as the padding can be replaced but with the same model indicated by the label of denomination stitched on the product, therefore, example, in the event that a customer chooses a “CAESTUS” pad, and then he was not at ease with this padding, and decided to replace the padding with a different typology, it will be necessary Redo the entire glove, because it is not possible for example to insert a “TUTELA” model padding in a glove created for a “CAESTUS” padding
  1. Payment can be made 100% in advance, zero commissions, or in 4 convenient monthly installments + 6% payment commissions.
  1. In the event that for any reason it is not possible to complete the installment payment, all the installments previously paid will be lost and it will not be possible to request a refund.